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Royal Wins vs The World – Game Jam Part I

The popularity of casino games has fallen on troubling times amongst millennials which has prompted promising new developments from the adventurous pioneers within the gambling industry. At the forefront of these new developments is Sydney start-up gaming studio, Royal Wins, who have stepped away from solely chance-based games to develop...

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Royal Wins to Launch Real Money Kash Karnival

Royal Wins has been at the forefront of the introduction of skill gaming to the casino industry with their mobile skill casino app, the Kash Karnival. Royal Wins emphasises the notion that millennials are losing interest in traditional casinos and gambling formats due to the unchanged, un-innovative and un-entertaining nature...

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The Royal Wins Race Car

Wait, did you read that right? Yes, a race car. Royal Wins and HC Invest have partnered up with Team Macracer, a racing team based out of Courrendlin, Switzerland, in a sponsorship partnership for the European Summer racing circuits. Team Macracer was kind enough to allow us to design 100%...