The Metamorphosis of Kash Karnival Casino

kash karnival changesIt has been a busy few months at Royal Wins and it’s not looking like the workload will ease up anytime soon! The Kash Karnival Casino is mid-way through some of the most significant changes in its lifetime which, will make it sleeker, more exciting and most importantly, more entertaining.

Games have been revamped, unnecessary features have been cut, promotions have been optimized and much more is still in development! We at Royal Wins are confident that this represents the way forward, not just for the company, but for the pure skill gaming industry as a whole, allowing more skillful players to win more moolah the better they are.

Recent Changes

First up however, we should discuss the most recent changes to the Kash Karnival. We have, as of the 3.0.0 update, decided to remove the freemium ‘Remo’ currency from the game entirely in favour of the real money equivalent ‘Kash Coins’. This ends months of tediousness and confusion regarding the differences between the currencies, how to switch between them and which allowed the player to cash out. Players have the added option to drag the bet to zero if they wish to play skill games for free. We hope that this removal allows players to enjoy the game their own way without needing to worry about balancing superfluous currencies.

Coinciding with the removal of ‘Remos’, the ‘Luck’ system was also removed for similar reasons. It was felt that this feature limited the freedom of the player to fully experience all the Kash Karnival Casino had to offer. As the Karnival is no longer a freemium app whose income is dependent on placing artificial limits on gameplay time, it made little sense to keep this system in place.

Recently, Royal Wins has been focused on optimizing our skill games to maximise player retention. By analyzing casual gaming trends, it was found that several of the key elements that make casual games so appealing to such a wide audience were yet to be implemented into the Kash Karnival Casino. Principally, the skill games were found to take far too long to retain the interest of the player and the current system for levelling was over-complicated. Thus, the number of levels in each zone has been reduced from 20 to 10, halving the overall time required for each level and speeding up regular gameplay considerably.
It was also clear after the analysis that massively popular casual games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga set clear and achievable goals for the player to aim for. While the skill games in the Kash Karnival had previously tried to implement this idea with ‘Zones’ for each game, it was constantly getting changed and therefore wasn’t as successful as we would have liked. To remedy this, Zone and Zone progression have been simplified, making it more balanced and user-friendly. Theoretically, this should give players meaningful and personalised goals to set their sights on when playing the Kash Karnival.

Future Updates

Back to those very important changes we hinted at above! One of the most exciting is the removal of most of our traditional casino games including all slot games and bingo. As a company, we have always wanted to subvert the traditional casino formula and present players with something new and innovative. The inclusion of these games has always been at odds with this goal and after much discussion, we decided it was in the best interest of the company, the game and the players to remove them and instead focus on developing the greatest real money skill gaming experience possible. We feel that this change will help highlight our competitive advantage and help us differentiate our product from the thousands of unimaginative online casino games littering the Google Play Store.

Enough about what we’re taking out though, how about what we’re putting in!

We have two brand new ‘gaming islands’ that will be added to the already formidable roster of games in the next couple of months.

  1. The first is Arcade Corner – an intermediary between the quick and exciting Lottery Alley Games and the slower, more tactical games in the Skill District. Each Arcade Corner game will feature 5 quick levels jam-packed with excitement and a Gamble mechanic for the potential to double your wins. The island will launch with Ella’s Pipe Dream, a colourful puzzler requiring quick reflexes and a sharp mind to master. It will eventually be joined by Kashmee’s Hoodoo Vodou, an innovative take on the classic target practice style of gameplay plus more that we can’t announce just yet! As is our goal at Royal Wins, each game will offer players the opportunity to bet real money on their skill to win big.
  2. The second island that we plan to implement is a Kash Karnival first! The Kombat Arena will feature multiplayer only titles and player vs. player betting as a standard. Given the rising popularity of multiplayer casual games like Clash of Clans and Game of War, we are confident that it will be immensely popular amongst players. This island will launch with Dragon Triad Mahjong, a specialized version of the Chinese classic.

In addition to these exciting changes, we are also currently remaking the Kash Karnival and Royal Wins websites from the ground up to better support the changing web ecosystem. The Kash Karnival website specifically is seeing some significant upgrades including the introduction of a monitored ticket system for complaints and a streamlined identity document submission system. Both systems would allow customer service representatives to be better able to mediate potential issues with the services that Royal Wins provides players.

Along with these changes, Royal Wins is also overhauling how we approach in-game promotions. We are currently developing an augmented reality tool for use with the Kash Karnival which will provide players with an opportunity to interact and receive items from classic Karnival characters like Betty or Victor. Furthermore, we are planning on running a whole host of brand new promotion types that are sure to keep players coming back for more.

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