The Royal Wins Race Car

Wait, did you read that right? Yes, a race car. Royal Wins and HC Invest have partnered up with Team Macracer, a racing team based out of Courrendlin, Switzerland, in a sponsorship partnership for the European Summer racing circuits. Team Macracer was kind enough to allow us to design 100% of the race car’s decal and vinyl stickers, to include Royal Wins and the Kash Karnival.

kash karnivalIt’s a fitting combination, I think. What with our product, the Kash Karnival, where we have put such a strong focus on benefiting and winning based on your skill to now be branded on a high performance race car where only the most skillful of drivers will win. Our mottos “Win Differently” and “Do you have the skill to beat the odds?” fit right into place on the décor of the car.

The Car

The car is a Norma M20FC. For any of you racing or car nuts out there, it’s in the E2SSC sportcar category with a Honda K20 engine prepared TFTech. It has a displacement of 1998cm³, a XAP calculator, Sadev SL75-14LW transmission speed, Brembo brakes and weights 515kg, and if any of you know what all that means you’re way ahead of me! All I got was RACE CAR! Zoom!
Behind the wheel of our fantastic car is Fabien Bouduban, an entrepreneur from Jura, Switzerland. Team Macracer have two cars in fact, but the other one isn’t Royal Wins branded, so it’s not quite as cool. That’s a Tatuus PY 012 driven by Jean-Jaques.

You can visit the Macracer website: or find them on Facebook to keep a close eye on the team as they race around Europe, hopefully, winning differently!

Check out a video below of Fabien in action at Course de cote Les Rangiers 2015!

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