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BlackJack eXtreme Overview

App Name: BlackJack eXtreme
Developer: MADtek Games, LLC.
Cost: Free / in-app purchases
Market Link: Facebook, Android, iOS and BJX website
Rating: 71133 likes

BlackJack eXtreme is a unique playing-card game developed by MADtek Games. It is not just a variation on casino blackjack – rather, it is an entirely brand new way of playing a familiar game almost every card player knows. A hybrid of poker and blackjack, BlackJack eXtreme is played on a poker table with unique playing and betting featured designed to make the game fast-paced and fun to play.

BlackJack eXtreme Review

Why choose BlackJack eXtreme?
BlackJack eXtreme is a new way to play blackjack, in a poker setting. By combining both games, BJX gives the player the best of both worlds and a whole new way to play that favours skill over luck.

It is unique

  • New and unique poker version of blackjack
  • Favours skill over luck
  •  Easy to learn and fun to play
  • Daily bonuses when players log in
  • Random bonuses awarded with the Facebook App
  • Play with or without a Facebook account
  • Available through Facebook App Store or on

BlackJack eXtreme Features

  • Game offerings; BlackJack eXtreme is currently the only social card game offered with a new poker-style version of traditional blackjack. BJX has all the perks of interactive online poker, including virtual competition between friends, free daily chips for all players, quick-play and live-chat functionality, as well as multiple table limits.
  • Game platforms; Players can access BJX through Facebook, Android, iOS or on PlayBJX
  • Player pricing model; Players place bets with BJX Chips. Chips are earned with daily and random bonuses, or may be purchased.
  • Payment methods; and currencies available; All payments are processed through secure payment channels. This includes Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and Diners Club. Prices are listed in USD.
  • Bonuses & prizes for players; BlackJack eXtreme players can earn daily bonuses when they login to the BJX App, and can also collect random bonuses from the Facebook App Page.
  • Customer Service; All customer service inquiries are responded to and handled quickly by emailing or through the BlackJack eXtreme Facebook Page.

Many of the same compelling elements of hold’em found their way into BlackJack eXtreme®, including bluffing, strategy, people skills, math skill and even allows card counters to become the next felt table sports stars.
A video is worth a thousand words, so enjoy the video below.

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