Gamzio Launches Brand New Website

gamzio logoGamzio Mobile, Inc. , the innovative mobile & social casino game company is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website to showcase all news, games and announcements.

Gamzio’s new website features information about the Company and its games, as well as information for current and potential investors.

The new site features a Games section showcasing all current and upcoming games including Gamzio’s flagship Slots-O-Luck Adventure (available for iPhone & iPad), Casino Island Adventure, the Company’s latest Real-Money Slots game (available for iPhone & iPad), and the upcoming Go-Go Casino which is set to launch on Facebook in Q4 2014.

The new site is mobile optimized for optimal viewing on both desktop and mobile devices. Players and investors can access Gamzio’s game offerings right from the homepage of the new site.

CEO Jay Deiboldt states, “In an industry which moves as fast as the Social and Mobile Casino game industry, it is important for gaming companies to provide easily accessible, updated information to players and investors. Gamzio’s new website achieves this by allowing the Company to post up-to-the minute updates and developments regarding Gamzio and its games.”

About Gamzio Mobile, Inc.

Gamzio is a developer of social casino games for the Internet and mobile devices. Its mission is to bring a genuine “Vegas” experience to the mobile gaming market through a strategic approach that optimizes real-time data and analytics technology. Gamzio is rapidly expanding through aggressive acquisition strategy and organic user acquisition for its portfolio of casino properties.

Gamzio’s flagship social casino
“Slots-O’Luck Adventure HD” is available for download at its web site or directly in Apple’s App Store. Gamzio has also launched its first real-money mobile casino game into Apple’s U.K. App Store to begin tapping into the $40 billion gambling industry.

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