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About Mega Fame Casino & Slots

Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) is a high quality social casino available now on Facebook, iOS, and Android. Users can play more than a dozen unique slot themes, four types of Hold’em poker, video poker, along with the innovative MegaFame Blvd. Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) features more than 300 celebrities and offers weekly celebrity tournaments bringing truly unique star-studded experiences to social games. Based on Plaor’s current estimates and without the benefit of marketing and advertising resources CrowdGather will provide, Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) currently has more than 20,000 daily active users and expects to generate approximately $1 million in annualized revenues.

Mega Fame Casino & Slots Games

Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM), providing innovative and entertaining gaming content to users by bringing popular slot games from partners to social and mobile platforms. Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) already features four games from 2 By 2 – Waltzing Wilds(TM), Swirling Sands(TM), Wild Birthday Blast(TM), and Cosmic Invaders(TM). Plaor, Inc. has also licensed four video slot games from Grover Gaming, the first of which – Searing Sevens(TM) – is expected to launch in June 2014.
Exclusive Celebrity Slots and Poker on Facebook! Collect FREE Chips Daily to Play with CELEBRITIES!

Mega Fame Casino & Slots Development

Plaor, is a company that specializes in developing highly scalable multi-platform games. Located in the heart of Boston’s fast growing Innovation District, Plaor produces Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM), an innovative and highly rated social casino available on iOS, Android & desktop. With over 20 employees, the Plaor team is a mix of rising-star newcomers and widely-recognized game development veterans from companies including Rockstar Games.
Plaor is the first social casino partner for both 2 By 2 and for Grover, both developers of premium real-world casino games.
“We are proud to translate these real-world casino game dynamics over to our network of players who enjoy our social gaming platform, Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM),” said Richard Corredera, COO at Plaor. “Relationships such as these allow us to replicate the thrill of real money slots within a social gaming paradigm.”

Play at Mega Fame Casino & Slots

To start playing Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) – now including Waltzing Wilds(TM), Swirling Sands(TM), Wild Birthday Blast(TM), and Cosmic Invaders(TM) from 2 By 2 Gaming for free, visit the Facebook App Center, Apple iOS App Store, or Google Play Store now.

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