Predictive Personalization in Social Casino

Predictive personalization means understanding customer behavior, demands and needs to offer them personalized experience. One-size-fits-all prevents a business from getting a competitive edge, especially in digital arena wherein real-time data of customers is available to make precise predictions and offer them what they want. Let’s find out how this applies to Social Casinos.

What role predictive personalization plays in online social casino?

  1. Provides players engaging and personalized experience
  2. Targeted messages to boost in-app conversions and encourage players to keep coming back.
  3. Gameplay based on individual-specific preferences.
  4. Content that best fits personality and style of a player.
  5. Enables modification, expansion of your social casino games and addition of better features.

How to get data for predictive personalization?

Predictive personalization enables a social casino app or social casino website owner to create personalized experiences by analyzing consumer insight and behavior. By deploying database analytics software and relationship management tools, one can even understand the behavior of players who like to play on mobile devices.
Data for predictive personalization comes from users’ social graph, geodemographics, in-game and off-game behavior, session data, CRMs, third party databases etc. The “real-time predict and act algorithms” pave the way for a social casino game developer to boost users’ in-app purchases by improving experience of each player and providing page choices that best fit them.

It’s no hyperbole to say that predictive personalization in online social casino games brings the best opportunities to monetize players. A win win situation as players get what they actually want based on their individual preferences and you in turn bolster your coffer by throwing at them right deals.
Players are unique individuals and have varied preferences. Social casino game developers can personalize content and gameplay, like sending targeted messages to specific groups and providing a kind of gaming environment they are looking for.

Predictive personalization is based on;

  1. data that tells you how much time a user spends on playing your social casino games,
  2. what games and which type of private rooms he/she likes,
  3. how much money he/she spends on in-app purchases,
  4. what kind of messages mostly drive him/her to buy your deals and many more.

Real-time information is fast and allows you to quickly respond. So, if a loyal player quits your game because of not having enough chips to play, you can offer some discounted chips to him/her to continue playing. Such a user becomes more likely to keep coming back and making future in-app purchases. Predictive personalization enables you to act in real-time to lure players into continue playing and keep coming back.

Predictive personalization also allows you to target users with ads they show interest in. For instance, if a player clicks on an advertisement of a car displayed in your social casino app or website, you would continue showing car ads to such a customer. Any further click on the car advertisement will generate revenue for you. Always remember, customized content leads to better conversion.

Social casino game developers can segment players via predictive analytics and devise marketing campaigns to make the best of each segment across each outbound channel.

I hope this blog has helped you understand that predictive personalization is the next frontier of online social casino games.


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