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who’s playing social casino games

According to Eilers Research, the global social casino games market will reach $2.6 billion with 31% year-over-year growth. Facebook social gaming revenues are estimated at $322 million with 6% quarter-over-quarter growth. As social gaming is getting more popular over the last few years, more information is getting available about the player profiles.

Recent surveys of social gamers by Info Solutions Group have revealed that a slim majority of social gamers are female. The average social gamer has a bachelor’s degree or an even higher level of education. The majority of players are employed on a full-time basis and bring home an annual income of over $35,000. Indeed, the largest segment, 21%, has an annual income of between $50, 000 and $74,000USD. When Info Solutions Group looked into what motivated players to play social games, they discovered that they were drawn to social gaming for a variety of reasons. The top three motivations were: friendly competition, interaction and the chance to win prizes.

Social gaming has a few niches that are worth noting. The top niches are mobile games and social gambling. Surveys have shown that social poker is by far the most popular game with social gamblers. The second and third spots are held by slots and then casino games, while social bingo is fourth in popularity. In terms of age, social gamers’ range anywhere between 21 years old and more than 55. A majority of these players, 44%, are between the ages of 21 and 34, while 35 to 44 year olds constitute the second largest segment, comprising 21% of the survey group.

Freemium or Money

Another notable trend is that games using the ‘‘freemium’ model are by far the most popular. With this model, basic game-play is offered for free. Users are then able to buy in-game credits to either speed up their progress or gain access to items or sections of the game reserved for paying users.

A recent study by New York-based social game developer Arkadium polled 1,500 gamers in the US and suggested that female gamers are more willing to spend money than males. In the poll, almost 20% of female respondents said that they had spent at least 99 cents on a social game, while only 15% percent of males responded the same way. In addition, 46% percent of respondents stated that enjoying games with their friends was the quality they most appreciated in a game.

It’s pretty clear that female players are definitely the social gaming segment that that cannot be ignored. ’It’s also apparent that social gamers are looking for games that inspire light-hearted competition amongst friends. Whichever way you look at it, social gamers need to be understood, as their numbers are large – and growing every day.

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