Slotolotto Overview

App Name: Slotolotto
Developer: Peak Games / Voidbridge Software Limited
Cost: Free, in app purchases
Market Link: Facebook app, mobile will be available in late 2014
Rating: 472,015 likes

Launched in 2013 on Facebook, SlotoLotto is a sophisticated free online social slots game that allows players to choose from a wide variety of slots, compete against other social gamers from across the globe in slot tournaments, share gifts with their online friends and win special bonuses. Featuring state-of-the-art graphics, the social slots brand has proven highly popular with players on the world’s largest social media platform and already boasts more than 2.5 million users.

Voidbridge Software Ltd is a Hong Kong-based social casino gaming operator and software developer.

Slotolotto Social Slot Review

slotolotto coins
Slotolotto is one of the hottest FREE slots game on Facebook with the HIGHEST WINS! Unlock new levels, new rooms, share gifts with friends, play Lotto rounds & win special bonuses!

Unique features

  • Sloto Lotto boasts the best user interface and animations than any other Facebook slot game
  • If you want, this app makes post for you on your Facebook timeline
  • Unlock new slot machines with the best themes & graphics!
  • Increase your wins with special mini games & free spins!
  • Share your luck with friends as you send & get gold from them!
  • Double your chances with the Special Bonus & unique Lotto features!
  • Compete against players from all over the world to be the ultimate winner!

Slotolotto Social Slots Games

As the name sugest, the Lotto part makes this game special. It has an easy to navigate interface and quality animations. The goal is for users to unlock levels, and win cool promotional bonus packs.

Besides the Lotto game, SlotoLotto offers players to compete on a selection of 18 conventional Slot Machines. What makes these games social; you can invite friends to play and send free gifts.

Player prizes and bonuses; Monthly promotions for items like iPads, etc….
Payment methods for players; Facebook payments via credit card, PayPal, etc..
Player customer service; Players can contact customer service via email support

Experience the highest wins, the best bonus games & thrill of free spins with your friends! Other Social casino games will added in near future. For now the it is a native Facebook game, but  is soon to be released onto a mobile platform, which will make the slot games accessible to players on the go.

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