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Thunderball Sportsbook Overview

App Name: Thunderball Sportsbook
Developer: Atlantis Internet Group
Cost: to bet you have to pay cash for Facebook chips
Market Link: Facebook

Atlantis Internet Group has recently launched THUNDERBALL SPORTSBOOK EXCHANGE AND CASINO GATEWAY ON FACEBOOK. Thunderball is a Social Sportsbook app that operates a 24/7 Social Gaming Exchange that allows players to bet on all sports worldwide. Players bet on a Sports event and play Casino Games by paying cash for Facebook chips. When a player wins he/she receives Facebook Chips instead of cash therefore classifying their activity as Social Gaming.

Thunderball Sportsbook Review

tribal gaming networkThunderball is legal worldwide because there is no cash payout just Facebook Chips and from participating Indian Casinos on ATIG’S Tribal Gaming Network (TGN) players can win Casino Comps.
Unlike many social gaming sites, players can receive Casino Comps from participating Indian Casinos on our Tribal Gaming Network. So find an Indian Casino near you and sign up or just play at home, it’s your choice. The TGN is currently operational in the largest Indian Casino in Louisiana – The Coushatta Casino and Resort.

THUNDERBALL SPORTSBOOK will be played in Sports Bars across the United States. Sports Bar customers can bet on the sports they are watching on TV or any other sports going on around the WORLD. A complete suite of Casino Games is also on the Facebook Thunderball App. and can be played on Smart Phones/Tablets. Sports Bar owners can make money from any customer that bets from their Sports Bar through a revenue share with ATIG. Now Sports Bar owners have the opportunity to make money from potentially 90% of their customers watching sports instead of paying fees for trivia games played by 10% of their customers. For the first time outside of Nevada, sportsbook enthusiast can finally bet on the sports they like legally. ATIG has recruited a former NFL Super Bowl Player and renowned Sports Announcer to help promote this exciting product.

is a special program were college students, fraternities and sororities can participate in social gaming legally and bet on Football, Basketball, Baseball and other college sports by placing bets against their schools rivals each week on THUNDERBALL. Now college students can win bragging rights on Facebook each week, while accumulating more Facebook Chips. Visit THUNDERBALL to find out how. No more sitting on the sidelines get in the GAME — THUNDERBALL!!

Atlantis Internet Group Corporation

Is a public Nevada gaming corporation specializing in the development of server based casino games, casino management software, slot machine software, gaming networks, such as the Tribal Gaming Network that has Federal approval to link Indian Casinos in 28 States and to legal International Gaming markets offering legal Internet Gaming in the form of: Class III, Class II and Online Gaming on Sovereign lands; and the Casino Gateway Network technology that is also approved to link Commercial Casinos State to State.

This exciting Social Sports Betting site is like no other, more games, more fun more rewards!!!

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