Treasure Island Social Slot

treasure island social slot

Treasure Island Social Casino Slot

App Name: Slots Social Casino
Developer: Playport
Cost: Free / in-app purchases
Market Link: Google Play
Rating: 4/5 and ‎58.193 reviews

Treasure Island Social Slot Review

If you like playing and sharing games with your social network. Then the Treasure Island Social Slot game from the Slots Social Casino app might be for you. The great thing about using the Slots Social Casino app is that the developers will be adding quite a bit more games to the line up. So in case you get tired playing Treasure Island, you can switch to another great slot or poker game. Whereas most social casino apps focus on one game.
In order to play other games, you need to unlock these games. That is only possible by playing the first game: Treasure Island.
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As it is a social game it uses a freemium model. You can use the game for free as a guest or sign up and play with your own account. However to play you need chips, which you have to buy chips via in-app purchases or by playing. By creating an account you receive 1000 chips and 1000 chips for adding a photo.

The game layout is straight forward with a nice pirate/treasure island design and will literary cost you a few minutes to understand. With a minimum bet of 25 you can start playing. The game plays well, the graphics are clear, we didn’t detect any malfunctions. The best thing about the game is the fun it gives you by playing with others.

Social Features
– Freemium
– Rankings show how you are doing
– List of your in game friends
– Profile page of your winnings, messages, gifts, etc

Obtain Chips
– Collect Bonuses you can get more chips by getting followers, write a review, and invite friends to play. Every six hours you can get a bonus.
– Purchase chips, lucky time and VIP bonus

In short: if you want online fun with your friends without having a money objective this the game for you. A video is worth a thousand words, so enjoy the video below.

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  1. socialcasi2 says:

    Great game… Fun to play!

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